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‘Sunrise Languages’ the private German courses in Dublin and English lessons in Dublin offer specialized courses with focus on German and English language training on basic, intermediate and advanced level. Our courses take place in private spaces in the heart of Dublin city just 7 minutes walk from the Spire monument on O’Connell Street with up to maximum of 4 students per class concentrating on the language skills such as reading, writing, vocabulary, listening but mainly conversation. We offer our clients the possibility to study English in Dublin as well as various German courses in Dublin within the highest possible standards. With a strong student focus and proactive approach this consequently leads to faster acquisition of the language skills, knowledge and abilities of our clients.

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In today’s tough economy we believe, that it ishome-illustration extremely important to speak at least 2 world languages to rise employment and support businesses all over the World. At ‘Sunrise Languages’ we offer our students the opportunity to learn those languages so that you too can become part of the international marketplace. Sunrise Languages German courses in Dublin as well as English lessons in Dublin offer our students a comfortable way of acquiring language skills needed for a successful start of career in an international company or government institutions. It is well known that Ireland is home to a large number of multinational corporations, which benefit from its highly skilled and motivated workforce. Unfortunately the lack of foreign language skills makes the unemployment rate very high and therefore it is highly recommended to invest into foreign language skills as a tool to improve the chances of finding a job and start a new and successful career in an international company.

We offer our clients skilled language tuition courses each day during the evening hours and also in the morning and in the afternoon during the weekends. Come to Ireland – Dublin and contact Sunrise Languages to study English in Dublin or to attend German courses in Dublin and make the first step towards your new and successful career.

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